At This Stage is a discerning lifestyle collective that accounts for seeking, sustaining, and cherishing each role and every stage in life with contentment, sincerity, grace,  and a dedication to expressing value and gratitude in all things, whether they be charitable or mundane. 

Hopeful to induce a bit of goodness and serve others well, At This Stage journals a strive to lead with kind and humble habits while building a full, yet unassuming platform and utilizing it's purpose through the earnest pursuit of homemaking, motherhood, artistry, and exploration for the service, celebration, and support of others.

By prompting an awareness and sharing a culmination of the simple, classic, and intentional, At This Stage imparts a sense of tasteful judgement, wholesome faith, and attainable worth within a community of other young women, mothers, and artists who also aspire to cultivate timeless style, design, tradition, and sensibility within the performances of their own lives.



Hello friends, my name is Melanie!  I have a song in my heart, a love for the stage, and an eagerness to nurture children and communities around the world with the musical and dramatic arts, while also instilling a compassion through enrichment, inclusion, and cultural immersion within my own home as I sing, dance, and raise my little girl, Ellenae Rose.  

After spending a few years teaching and performing in New York City, my home will always be on the East Coast.  This leaves me yearning for brownstone stoops, cobblestone streets, Central Park picnics, and New England getaways all too often.  In an effort to ease my homesickness though, I am attempting to discover the charm of my current home in the Midwest.

With a fondness for the feminine and old-fashioned, my favorite things include pearls, pretty dresses, bundles of fresh white flowers, exposed brick walls, seasonal baked goods, festive traditions, and putting bow ties on my two miniature Goldendoodles, Harvey and Napoleon.